23rd March, 2013 – Preston & Blackpool Cat Club Show

Occlestone Fantaseyes¬† –¬† 1st & Best of Breed

DSCN4235_10014Show Report from Mrs S Crichton

A five month old baby with good type and cobby shape. Dainty girl with some
growing still to do with a firm body set on short little legs. Head was smooth
and rounded with a broad top and widely spaced little ears. Very large round
eyes outlined with black and had pleasing blue green colour. A short nose had a
shallow nose break and a full pink nose leather outlined with black. The cheeks were filling out well and she had a firm chin with a not quite level bite. The coat was very long and full and was lightly and evenly tipped with black. She had fluffy trousers and short well furnished tail. The paws were short and
rounded and had black paw pads. She was well prepared and had a relaxed nature
when handled.

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