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Grand Champion Occlestone Guinevere

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  1. Amy McEvoy says:

    We’ve had our little Darcy now for almost a month now and she’s an absolute dream!
    Carol is an amazing breeder, you can tell she adores her cats and kittens. I’d 1000% recommend Carol to anyone.
    We were given a kitten care package and information around the breed along with pet insurance. Carol went above and beyond and the whole experience was great. A truly lovely woman.

  2. Richard and Helen says:

    We found Carol through the united chinchilla association, contacted several breeders with Carol the only breeder who got back to us. It showed courtesy and professionalism.
    Carol really cared, kept us informed when litters were due, introduced and interviewed us to make sure we were suitable parents for her kittens. We ended up with a little girl and named her Lily-Bell. She gets on like on like a house on fire with our Lhasa Apso, she comes out with us on her harness, in the cat pram for a stroll in the park, basically a lovely placid and gorgeous puss which we have enjoyed every day since we adopted her. Carol is a genuinely caring cat breeder who took all the time we needed to make sure Lilly Bell went to the right home. Thanks Carol. Richard & Helen Jasmine the Lhasa Apso and Lilly Bell the Chinchilla Persian.

  3. Sarah and Kit says:

    We just wanted to say a massive thank you to Carol for our bundle of fluffy joy! Vincent van Flogh has been the best addition to our little family. He is the cuddliest, friendliest little man and we absolutely adore him. As does our other cat Bartosz! Carol was so helpful in helping us with introducing them which we were a bit nervous about, but they are now the best of friends. Carol kept in touch from the moment Vincent was born so we got to know him as he grew up which was so special. We can’t reccomend Carol and her gorgeous cats enough. She clearly loves her cats and puts so much love and care into rasing them. Thank you Carol!

  4. Denise Harding says:

    I purchased two male kittens from Carol during the lockdown period in 2020.
    I couldn’t see the kittens before I collected them due to lockdown, but Carol sent me regular pictures and videos of the kittens as they grew, and it was lovely to see them develop from birth until they were old enough for me to collect.

    They are now 20 months old and are absolutely beautiful.
    Thank you so much for my beautiful kittens.

  5. Bronwin says:

    I would just like to say a BIG thank you to Carol and John for the fantastic job they do bringing there kittens up I highly recomend them I have one of there beautyful kitten Tamara she is just gorgeous and has brought us so much pleasure they are such a lovely couple and are on hand if you need to know anything thanks again Carol & John I am so so pleased with my little girl x

  6. Mark & Kerry. says:

    We are the very proud new owners of Occlestone Mesmereyes, or otherwise known at home as Floyd!

    We have both been extremely impressed with Carol and Johns extensive knowledge of the Chinchilla Persian breed along with their professionalism and dedication to keeping the breed pure.

    We would highly recommend Carol and John as your breeders of choice, such a lovely couple who make it their paramount concern that their kittens go to the ‘right’ home.

    We have a 13 week old beautiful baby boy who is a fluffy bundle of joy. We have visited him twice before bringing him to his new home, where he is settling in perfectly.

    Thank you for all your help, advice and time spent. Speak to you soon.

    Love Mark, Kerry & Floyd. Xxx.

  7. Alicea says:

    Hi Carol,
    How are you?
    I am Baloo’s owner. He is soooo cute! I hope all of your cats are doing well, please write back :] x

  8. Karen Bowman says:

    Love the website Carole and thank you so much for my lovely babies – Occlestone Charlotte and Occlestone Kashmere, they are beautiful, spoiled rotten and make great company by sleeping with you – boy do they love their comforts!

    Love Karen (mummy) Doreen (Grandma) and of course ‘the girls’ xxx

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