Welcome to our website.  We hope you enjoy reading about our cats, the Chinchilla breed and catching up on our news.

We have stud cats and queens of top pedigree lines.  Our aim is to breed quality kittens from these lines, with not only the stunning looks of the Chinchilla, but with a sweet temperament to match.

We live in the heart of the English countryside in Cheshire and have been breeding these lovely cats for over twenty years.  Our prefix “Occlestone” was taken from the village of Occlestone Green where we used to live and where this hobby started.

Ch. Occlestone Lalique

Recently there has been a big decline in Chinchilla breeders in the UK.  They are high maintenance cats and generally have small litters, so work and costs are high.  However, with their stunning looks and lively personalities, we are committed to breeding these beautiful cats and to keeping pure Silver lines.  So, combined with this decline and the introduction in the near future of new breeding policies in the UK, introducing other Persian colours into a breed that was otherwise pure, the traditional Chinchilla cat will become a rarity.  We have only ever bred Chinchilla to Chinchilla, and will not be going down that road!

Cats chats are always welcome!

Carol and John