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Kitten Enquiries:

Occlestone Lalique & Occlestone Kashmere

We will from time to time have kittens available.  We are very protective of our kittens and
anyone enquiring about them will be vetted for their suitability and the home on offer.  We want permanent, loving homes for our kittens and will make every effort to ensure they have the best possible life on leaving us.  We do not consider our cats are suitable to be let outside to roam, and are happy inside with company, toys and stimulation.


We are committed to breeding healthy kittens, free from any known hereditary or genetic disorders and all our breeding adults have been tested and are negative for PKD, FIV and FELV.

Occlestone Kashmere & Occlestone Lalique


Please note that all our pet kittens are sold with strict neutering contracts and we ask that a copy of the vet invoice be provided to us at the time of neutering.

Making that decision:

Occlestone Let’s Dazzle

When deciding on a kitten, please think hard about your situation and your spare time – do not just be swayed by looks.  Please take into consideration that a Chinchilla is a very high maintenance cat, requiring daily grooming, eye cleaning and occasional bathing.  It is a very glamorous cat, but will NOT stay that way without effort and commitment.  You need only look at some pedigree cat rescues to see that!  Please be honest with yourself as there are plenty of other beautiful breeds of cats that do not require this level of maintenance.

All kittens purchased from us will:

  • Be well socialised, litter trained and used to being groomed and bathed.
  • Be breed from DNA tested PKD negative parents and also negative for FIV and FELV.
  • Be vaccinated and receive veterinary health checks at both 9 and 12 weeks.
  • Be microchipped.
  • Come with 4 weeks Petplan health insurance.
  • 5 generation Pedigree.
  • Feeding and general care and advice sheet.
  • 24/7 support and advice.


If a kitten with show potential is purchased, and this is something you would like to try, we would actively support any novice wishing to take up this exciting hobby.

Occlestone Silver Miracle

At home with our kittens

New born kittens…

One day old kitten…

Kittens 1 week old…

Mum – Angelina – with her one week old kittens…

At two and a half weeks old…

5 weeks old and full of mischief…

Nearly 6 weeks old and trying out my teeth…


Naughty? Not us…

Lunch times 4…

4 Responses to Our Kittens

  1. Angela Cross says:

    Hi interested in a kitten as a pet, would you let me know if you have any litter due or planned,done my homework on the breed and willing to commit to such a beautiful breed.
    Kind regards Angela cross

  2. Diyan says:


    I loved looking at the pictures of your kittens. We have two lovely Golden and Chinchila Persians and would love to have another one. Please let me know when you have new kittens on offer. I must admit that your kittens have the most beautiful faces!
    Well done and the very best!

  3. Evening
    I’m looking for 1 or 2 kittens and have been recommended to come in your direction. We’ve had a Persian all of my life (48years). We currently have Fleur who is 19, 20 in noveber. We live in knutsford. Suzanne
    I am after a pet.

  4. Natasha says:


    Firstly, Wow the kittens in your pictures look absolutely stunning. Do you have any kittens available at the moment?
    My husband and I currently have a 2 year long haired red/white Persian, he is absolutely fantastic, I never tire of brushing him which I’ve done religiously every day since we received him and 18 weeks old, (even if it is only 15 mins, most days he lets me brush him for up to hour, I think I’m blessed with him as I know some Persians do not like it). We keep our Persian (Chewbacca) indoors so this breed would be perfectly suited to us. We just feel it would be nice for Chewie to have a friend during the times when we are not about.

    If you could email me and let me know if and when you do have some available I would be most grateful, we live in Dorset so not that local but would be more than willing to travel for a perfect companion for Chewie (who I must also note is very sociable, and regularly visits my mothers house who has two King Charles Spaniels).

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

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