10.03.12 – Lancashire Cat Show

We are proud to announce that Tamosah Irresistible won her 3rd CC and BOB today, achieving the Title of ‘CHAMPION’.  Very well done Izzie – thanks again, Sue xx

Occlestone Tantaleyes (Tansie) also had another very good day, winning 1st and BOB, plus other 1sts in side classes.


Show Hall – everyone preparing for the start of the Show.





Carol arriving to organise show pens and prepare the cats.




Occlestone Tantaleyes:



Back home relaxing, but such a tiring day!





Champion Tamosah Irresistible:                 


Our New Champion:

Judge’s Report – Mrs Pat Perkins:

Lovely girl who lived up to her name, super full soft coat, tipping light and even, a tad seasonally darker on back, clear paws and hocks, frill round her head, wide short plume for a tail.  Cobby, compact build, short little legs, rounded top of head, ears small with silvery feathers.  Broad nose with good break, brick well outlined leather, large expressive eyes of a good aqua/green with a black outline, firm chin – a lovely girl and she knew it!

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